Mount and Blade Wiki

If you are new to the game of Warband, then it’s highly recommended that you turn to the Mount and Blade Warband Wiki. The wiki is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to know more about this fast-paced action game. In fact, there is so much information that you will be able to learn from this site that you may never use any other sources for information on the game. This is because the Mount and Blade Warband Wiki cover every aspect of the game. It also has tips and tricks, strategies, and guides for every class in the game, which means that no matter what you need to do to get through a quest, you can find out everything about it from the information available on this site.

For example, if you get stuck while questing, then you can look up the quest giver, his disposition, and his skills. This will give you an idea as to how to proceed without getting lost. Likewise, if you want to know what kind of gear the opponent has, then you can find out this as well. In addition, the game will tell you if the location is safe for your character or not.

The Mount and Blade Warband Wiki are also an excellent place to go if you want to know more about the weapons in the game. There are over 30 different weapons in the game, and they have their own unique qualities. This makes them extremely challenging to play against, especially when you are using the right weapon. The mount & blade warband has two different weapons – the battle axe and the sword. These can be paired with one another in order to create a perfect fighting combination. However, it is important that you know which weapon you will be using in each battle before you select your weapons.

You can also use the Mount and Blade Warband Wiki to help you figure out how to level up. There is a comprehensive list of quests, which will tell you when and where you need to complete them in order to get a particular item. In addition, you will be able to get a general idea on how to spend your money and earn rewards.

For those interested in the economics of the game, the Mount and Blade Warband Wiki are also invaluable. The information that you can obtain here can help you understand why certain decisions are being made and which ones are better. It is also possible to learn about the inflation rates, which are very important when you are playing on a budget. All this information is available for free, and you should certainly take advantage of it. As such, there is no reason for you not to get as much information as you can about the game.

If you would like to get a group of people together, then you may want to join a server that has a Warband Wargaming forum. Here, you can talk about any questions that you have and get answers from other players who are located nearby. This forum is active at all times, so it’s easy to find an answer to a question even during game play. You might also be able to get the hang of how to work your Way of Warcraft account, which is pretty handy if you ever need to do some modding or customization. This is also a great place to meet people who play the game with you and discuss strategies.

If you do need some additional information while you are playing World of Warcraft, then the Mount and Blade Warband Wiki are a wonderful resource. It is a comprehensive guide to help you understand everything that the game has to offer you. There are actually over one hundred and fifty pages of information, which covers everything from combat to using professions. If you are having some trouble understanding something, then you can simply use the search function to help you locate the information that you need.

It is important to remember that the information provided on the Mount and Blade warband Wiki is not meant to be used in a commercial manner. We are not responsible for any loss or damage that may occur as a result of using this information. Always consult with your local law enforcement before getting started with any kind of activity. We have also included some useful tips and tricks on the Warband forums. The information provided on the forums can also be helpful when trying to learn new strategies for the game.

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Monthly SEO Service

Best Way To Improve Google Page Rank

It is always good to understand the working process behind Google First Page Ranking. Google is one of the biggest search engines in the world and thus it has a lot of power over what a website should be about. When you are trying to build a website, you have to realize that Google is looking at what is the main content of the website and not just any content that appears on the site. So, if your main purpose is to sell something online then you should be more concerned with how you would get people to your website and not about how you would get them to the second or third page of Google. In this article I will discuss how you can make use of links to improve your Google First Page Ranking.

What you need to do first is to figure out what is the best way for you to get links to your website and then build these links. The first and easiest thing to do is to get linked to an existing website. If your current website already has a good page ranking, then you can just put your website link on the page and wait for the traffic to flow into your own site. This is a very good way of improving your Google First Page Ranking. However, if your website is new or not popular yet, you might want to consider looking for another way to get linked to a website. You can try guest blogging, commenting on another blog, submitting to forums and so on. Monthly SEO services are special services usually offered by an SEO service company that helps your online business succeed in internet search engine optimization.

Monthly SEO service | Off-page SEO | Google First Page Ranking | Dofollow Backlinks
Link Building

Link building is the first step towards improving your Google First Page Ranking. There are a lot of different link building methods available on the internet. Some methods are better than others and some are totally useless. There are some techniques that work better than others because they are more targeted and some also require minimum effort. Here are some basic things that you should avoid when using link building methods to improve your Google page ranking:

– Links to offensive sites. Google is one of the biggest competitors of search engines and they do not tolerate spam on their pages. If your links are found on offensive sites such as gambling sites, adult pages or other sites that are not fit for human visitors, Google will de-list you from their web site and drop you off the search rankings. It is best to limit your links to non-offensive and non-spam sites.

– Duplicate content. Google’s web crawlers constantly look for duplicate content on the web and this will seriously affect your Google First Page Ranking. To avoid duplication, create original content and post it in several websites. Posting in duplicate content will be detected by Google’s crawlers and it will have an adverse effect on your Google page ranking systems. It is advisable to submit only original content to multiple directories. In addition, avoid publishing duplicate content on your own website as well.

– Don’t overdo the linking. Overlinking will significantly decrease the traffic on your site. If you want to improve your Google ranking, provide a single quality link to only one specific site. Try to publish more links on relevant sites and don’t publish duplicate links on your own site. Doing so will give Google the impression that you are only trying to improve your ranking through shortcuts and less quality focused work.

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Mobile Playground

So for what reason is it so imperative to utilize Play as the reason for learning?

Play is a profound need in each cerebrum, so somewhere down truth be told that it originates before us as people. All warm blooded animals and even birds use play as their first device for mastering the basic principal abilities for progress for the duration of their life expectancy.

Furthermore, Play is the instrument that the cerebrum uses to realize whatever it is formatively prepared to learn. Regardless of whether it is stacking squares to investigate the actual properties of the universe or to just make a companion. Play is there to help investigate, analyze, assess, practice, etc, until the objective is dominated.

To incite kids to Play, the mind rewards them with liberal dosages of positive chemicals like endorphins, dopamine and adrenaline. The outcome is frequently bliss, satisfaction, and enthusiastic and boisterous conduct which sadly isn’t constantly delighted in by grown-ups looking for educational results for intercessions. However it is definitely the natural, chaos of Play that is its solidarity.

Play can plan youngsters for a questionable future

Esteeming youngsters’ Play is to genuinely believe that the human mind has its own cycles and timetable for advancement. Noticing a kid cautiously in Play and following the kid’s signs is the spot any teacher or carer should begin from in the event that they wish the youngster to learn something rapidly and without any problem.

This ensures that the kid won’t lose the affection for realizing which is probably the greatest sin numerous training frameworks can impact.

Also, it permits the youngster to join school learning with ‘other’ pivotal learning, for example, critical thinking, socialization, and abilities that are significant for accomplishment in STEM disciplines and so forth. Setting them up for a unique future.

Play is a center requirement for ALL youngsters

In view of very nearly 60 years of longitudinal information, UNICEF recognized 3 center requirements for youngsters to flourish especially after war, fiasco and the impacts of destitution. Sustenance and love and care are notable however similarly significant yet presently under focused on is incitement.

The mix of poisonous pressure and an absence of incitement can defer a youngster’s improvement by years. Since people grow so quickly in their initial years this impact of injury has a lopsidedly enormous impact on that kid and their abilities going into adulthood . It is presently evident that this early advancement shortfall prompts critical decreases in a promising circumstance and limit in adulthood. When seeing this at the full scale, the deficiency of human potential, GDP, and expenses to medical care from an absence of incitement, factor into the $US billions of misfortunes for countries.

While Play is significant for kids living with neediness and detriment, it likewise has an undeniably significant job in the created, over-secured, over-booked universe of the West. For a normal kid in a normal suburb in a created country like Australia or the UK, Play adds the unusual certifiable component to learning; it supercharges the cerebrum in every one of the abilities fundamental for our unpredictable lives. What’s more, for the developing number of youngsters living with poisonous nervousness about their future, Play makes a desert garden of low pressure that can assist them with getting on the way of typical, solid turn of events.

Have ought to be a crucial impact of learning.

Things to recollect about Play:

It falls into place without any issues

Youngsters have the desire to play

Youngsters need to play

Play is self-coordinated and characteristically propelled

Advances Learning

Play advances critical thinking and issue presenting

It opens creative mind and interest

Play creates 21st century abilities

Fundamental for prosperity

Play helps youngsters measure what’s going on the planet

It is fun and safe

Play is restorative

Play is crucial to sound turn of events (Individuals and networks)

Sorts Of Play

There are heaps of approaches to play. Hughes, ( 2002) proposes there are 16 unique sorts of play. When concluding how to set up for play, think about the accompanying prospects.

Sorts of Play Examples of what youngsters may be doing

Social Play Listening, talking, sharing, alternating, messing around, making up rules, educating companions.

Item Play Manipulating objects, building, interfacing, consolidating materials.

Inventive Play Pretending and envisioning. Innovative pretend. Being an artist in a band, instructor, father with an infant.

Inventive Play Creative articulation. Painting, singing, architect, moving, composing or drawing.

Tangible Play Exploring smell, sight, sound, contact and feel. Feel the surfaces of various materials, make sound and tones.

Dynamic Play Being dynamic with your body. Bounce between objects, dance, roll and slide.

(Table adjusted from Sewell, C. Wilson, J. Laing, B. what’s more, Veerman, M. (2020) Nüdel Kart Teachers Manual.)

Making something happen

Through the indefatigable work of so numerous since the 1970s, Play with parental figures and friends is not, at this point on the sideline however is currently being treated appropriately as a basic instrument for human turn of events and for financial and city development. Across the globe, longitudinal examinations show that if a youngster plays in early life their general advancement heads a single way, and that course is up (Gertler et al., 2013).

“One longitudinal examination showed that adding just 1 hour seven days of animating play for little youngsters expanded grown-up income by 42%.”

Reference: Gertler P, Heckman J, Pinto R, Zanolini A, Vermeersch C, Walker S, Chang S, and Grantham McGregor S, “Work Market Returns to Early Childhood Stimulation: a 20-year Follow up to an Experimental Intervention in Jamaica”, National Bureau of Economic Research, Working Paper No. 19185, June 2013

What are “Free parts” play?

Free Parts is just a name for animating materials that kids can use to figure out how the world functions. In contrast to “ordinary” Playgrounds or most toys, free parts are open finished and reusable in an endless number of ways relying upon the kid’s requirements for advancement.

It is accurately a result of their open-endedness that free parts draw in the most noteworthy types of reasoning and association like inventiveness, critical thinking, social abilities and enthusiastic insight. They are likewise great for psycho-social help to youngsters from damaged and hindered foundations and can be custom-made to the different settings that it is utilized in.

There is a motivation behind why LEGO, MECCANO on one hand, and Matchbox vehicles and Dolls like Barbie on the other, are the world’s most well known toys. This is on the grounds that they have 2 key attributes. Limitless opportunities for the previous and creative mind and pretend for the last mentioned.

Nüdel Kart accompanies more than 200 free parts to help play based learning

Nüdel Kart – an extraordinary illustration of free parts for play based learning

Jungle gym Ideas and Play

Jungle gym Ideas (PI) is an open source asset that supports individuals in all nations to give conditions that help kids arrive at their full formative potential. PI currently has longer than a time of involvement with making and sharing assets on the web (manuals, plans, gathering pledges apparatuses and so forth) to help networks at incredibly ease to assemble a play space anyplace on the planet.

Our companions in Vietnam, Lan Bahn Uoc Mo, accomplish extraordinary work in this space.

Our companions in Vietnam, Lan Bahn Uoc Mo, accomplish extraordinary work in this space.

The group continually refreshes and gives new materials and assets to help the changing universe of Play, regardless of whether it’s a requirement for more “nature” Play or help in arranging youngster well disposed urban areas.

Over the most recent 10 years, PI has developed dramatically from one Playground in 2007 to more than 800 Playgrounds in 2019. It has now upheld in excess of 3,600 local area Play projects in 143 nations, empowering over 1.8 million kids to get to invigorating Play in probably the harshest and most frantic settings on earth.

In any case, in certain spaces we were all the while fizzling… ..our local area based model didn’t work for all associations, governments and educational systems. Specially fabricated Play spaces require a ton of time, volunteers and assets. We required a less difficult arrangement without settling on addressing youngsters’ necessities.

Enter Nüdel Kart

Jungle gym Ideas has gone through the most recent two years building up another approach to scale up Play just and rapidly across the globe without settling on the profound, imaginative and supported Play that kids need.

Formative requirements of kids across the globe are surprisingly comparable; all kids have frequently unnoticed however amazing inward instruments to drive their turn of events. With the help of Professor Mobile Playground Anita Bundy from the University of Sydney and now the University of Colorado, Nüdel Kart has been planned as a deconstructable, versatile Play kart that can be reconfigured in unlimited manners to support self-coordinated learning and pair with the youngster’s desire to investigate, explore, envision and Play.

Bundy worked the Sydney Playground Project, running numerous examinations seeing how youngsters communicate with various free parts materials and trying to see how these materials improve parts of kids’ turn of events (Bundy et al., 2011).

Nüdel Kart has since been tried in evacuee camps, tuition based schools, kids’ exhibition halls and even air terminals. It is comprehensive and for all-capacities; it is non-gendered and non themed (no palaces or privateer ships), so the actual youngsters can make a space that works with their individual necessities and this can be begun once more consistently as their abilities and capacities change.

Best website to buy Cookies Maywood

Cookies Maywood For Sale

If you’re looking for the best selection of Cookies mawood for sale, there are several places that you can find them. You may be surprised to know that you can buy this type of product from a number of places around the United States. In fact, depending on where you live, you may have an even larger selection available to you. One of the places that you can buy Cookies maywood for sale is at one of your local supermarkets. However, before you head out to a store near you, it’s important that you know what you’re looking for and how to do a little research to make sure that you’re getting the right product for you.

When you head out to the store, look for a place that offers several varieties of cookies. This way, you can have a variety, so that you can choose the ones that you like the most. Typically, you can purchase either white or brown cookies. Both of these types of cookies may be found at different places, so it’s important that you take your time and look around before making a purchase.

Another way that you can buy Cookies maywood for sale is at specialty stores. Many people don’t realize this, but there are some cookie manufacturers that actually produce their own brand of cookies. These types of companies often have cookie varieties that you can’t find anywhere else, which is why they are so popular. If you’re someone who likes to be able to buy only the best cookies, then this is a great place to shop.

There are also a number of specialty stores that sell a selection of cookies that may not be found at any other place. When you go to one of these stores, you can expect to pay a little bit more for your cookies, but in return you’ll be able to buy only the best, freshest ingredients. One of the benefits of buying from someone that produces their own cookies, is that you can trust that they will be using high quality ingredients.

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Banana Runtz Wax

If you prefer to buy Cookies maywood from the actual store, then you need to check out the Maywood stores in your area. Here, you will be able to buy just what you want and you’ll be able to shop with other shoppers. While you can probably find whatever it is you were wanting to buy at any other store, it’s nice to be able to go to one of these stores and compare options. If you’re not a fan of shopping online, then you might want to consider visiting a local store.

Buying Cookies maywood for sale can be an exciting adventure. Whether you want to buy just one type of cookie or you want to buy a large assortment, there are a lot of choices when you buy online. This makes it easier than ever to buy delicious, chewy, or even crisp cookies whenever you want. If you want to buy Cookies maywood for sale, you have several places to turn. Choose the store that you prefer and buy what you like.

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Order Gelato Litxtracts Online

Why Buy Gelato Litxtracts?

It seems that we cannot go out of our homes these days without seeing people buying gelato litxtracts. The delicious dessert that comes from the ice cream maker is something we all love to eat. We want to have a lot of it and therefore, we look for ways to buy it. We know that it is expensive if we buy it in the shops. So, we will look for cheaper ways to get this good pleasure.

If you have a laptop computer then you can always order your favorite one online. There are a number of sites where you can order your favorite one. They might charge you a little more than if you bought it from the local store but you will get a much better quality product. One of the major advantages of ordering it online is that you do not have to go out of your house. In fact, you just sit on your desk and browse the internet. If you are busy and have no time to go out then this method will be perfect for you.

If you are one of those people who are busy and do not like to sit at home and look around then you should consider buying it online. You will save time and money by going online. Therefore, it will be a good idea for you to look for some reviews before you buy gelato.

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Buy Gelato Litxtracts

Before you go out shopping, you need to decide what you want to get. Do you want a scooped ice cream or a fresh one? If you are going for a scooped one then you should take care that the scooped one does not have a lot of ice cubes inside. You will end up having a bad tasting and unhealthy dessert. You will also have to find out whether you want to buy gelato in boxes or in individual packs. A lot of people prefer to buy gelato litxtracts in individual packs because they are cheaper. This way you can decide whether it is worth paying more for individual packs. The only reason why some people will purchase in boxes is because they like to have a free choice when it comes to the flavors. They can select what they want and then buy it.

Once you have made all your decisions, you should look for a good website that sells gelato litxtracts. You will be able to compare prices and find out more about the company. Make sure that they have a money back guarantee so if you are not satisfied with their services you can get a full refund. Always read the ingredients that go into the gelato before you buy it. Make sure that there are no artificial flavors or colors.

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How To Buy A Cockatoo

How To Buy A Cockatoo

There are many species of cockatoos that can be found on sale in Australia, and there are some of the rarest of them as well. They are said to be “flightless” and not true flightless, but these are rare and most likely not to be found unless someone is willing to look overseas for them. Cockatoos do need to be put on a regular feeding schedule. Part of the diet must consist of nectar from flowers, vegetables, fruits and nuts. It is important that they are given food that is high in fat content in order to help them build their white coats.

Caring for a cockatoo requires patience, diligence and time, and these are traits of any bird owner. A good way to care for these birds is to have at least one cockatoo for sale in your aviary. These birds are wonderful pets and will make an addition to any household. They are social animals that enjoy meeting new people and sharing food.

If you buy a cockatoo from a breeder or an aviary, you should also purchase a bird cage along with the cockatoo. Breeds of cockatiels vary greatly and some may be more delicate than others. This can make it difficult to place a bird into a cage designed for a large breed, so a smaller cage may be better. If you cannot put the bird immediately in its cage, be patient; you will soon be able to place the bird in the cage and allow it time to get used to the other furniture.

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Buy A Cockatoo

Caring for Cockatoos includes feeding the birds on a regular basis. Some breeders recommend a powdered formula that contains sugar added every day, while other birds prefer to eat freshly prepared foods. They should be fed every two or three days. Avoid overfeeding because this can create excessive water loss and can cause feather plucking, a condition that results in stress for the bird. When the feathers are plucked, they should be soaked in water until they are soft.

Be sure to check the bird’s wings periodically for damage. If you find pecking or marking on the wings, it is best to take the bird to a vet immediately to prevent permanent damage. You can buy these services online or at a local pet store. Before placing the bird for sale, always inspect the bird.

Buy a cockatoo that has been bred under good breeding conditions. If the birds are not bred properly, there can be health problems down the line. The birds have to be raised in ideal conditions, including a clean area with adequate light and fresh air. Healthy cockatiels are very predictable and do not vary much in terms of how they behave or how well they’re trained. In addition, the parrot for sale should be young and healthy because a bird that is too old will struggle to survive. Parrots are usually bred in captivity, so a breeder will be able to provide you with information about the bird’s temperament and how it should behave.

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Peruvian Cocaine For Sale

Peruvian Cocaine For Sale Online

Peruvian Cocaine for sale on the Internet is now readily available. This is because many of the original companies involved in the production of this highly addictive stimulant are no longer in business. However, the abundance of the drug on the black market has compelled other companies to take advantage of this situation and produce a fake version. These companies then try to sell the Peruvian cocaine for sale that they produce as legitimate.

The way to avoid getting scammed and buying fake cocaine on the Internet is to follow three steps when looking for where to get Peruvian cocaine for sale. First of all, never pay any money up front for a bag of cocaine. Peruvian cocaine is not like regular cocaine where you can pay for it in advance and walk away with your money. When you order Peruvian cocaine online it will arrive at your door in a small padded envelope.

Secondly, never ever give any of your credit cards information, including your social security number, to the company that you are ordering from over the Internet. In fact, Peruvian cocaine is a controlled substance and any company that is asking for this type of information is probably scammers. The only reason that a company would ask for your credit card information in the first place is so they can charge you an arm and a leg for shipping the cocaine. Then they send you a small amount of fake cocaine in the mail and make a big profit off of you. Do yourself a favor and do not give any of your credit cards information to these types of companies.

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Lastly, make sure that the company that you are ordering your Peruvian cocaine from has been in business for a long time. This is a very important factor because the longer the company has been in business the more likely they are to be reliable and trustworthy. There is plenty of info about legitimate cocaine distributors online but most of it is just worthless information. Peruvian cocaine is not hard to get and it should not cost you anything to get it.

The amount of money that you will spend on a bottle of Peruvian cocaine is going to depend on the wholesale price of the cocaine. If you are lucky enough to find a reputable and long-standing distributor then the cost of the cocaine might be extremely low, but if you do not then expect to pay retail prices for each piece of cocaine. If you want to make a really good profit on the sale of Peruvian cocaine then you should consider trying to sell it on eBay. It might take a bit of work on your part, but if you have items on eBay that people want then the amount of work you have to do to sell the Peruvian cocaine is minimal. In fact, all you would have to do is list the cocaine item for sale and wait for someone to come along who needs a supply of this highly addictive substance.

Peruvian cocaine is one of those drugs that are highly desirable and highly illegal at the same time. Most people who purchase cocaine from the Internet or other sources of buying directly from the source are criminals. Unfortunately, it is also true that many people who purchase legitimate cocaine are criminals as well. If you are going to sell cocaine, whether through an auction website or on eBay, you must be sure that you are dealing with a clean, legal company that does not require you to put up a large security deposit or any kind of cash upfront. There have been several cases when cocaine sellers have been caught selling fake cocaine on eBay.

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Hotel Secrets To Get The Most Out Of Your Stay

There is nothing worse than having a vacation ruined by terrible hotel accommodations. A lot of times, this is due to poor planning. You can avoid common problems. This article will give you tips on how to plan your hotel accommodations properly so that it will enhance your vacation experience.

Before you choose a hotel and make reservations, check online review sites, such as TripAdvisor. Reviews allow you to read about recent experiences at a hotel. Their opinions can help you decide whether or not a certain hotel is the right one for you.

To save money on a minibar or vending machine at a hotel, pack a cooler before you start out on your trip, and throw in some six-packs of soda or beer and a bottle of wine. When you get to the hotel, if you have a small fridge, you are all ready. If there isn’t a fridge, use the ice machine and you are cooler to keep things chilled.

In order to get the best hotel deals, always plan your trips weeks ahead of schedule, or even a few months. Most hotels have serious discounts for early booking customers. You may save 50 percent or more. If you belong to AAA, see what kinds of discounts the hotel offers.

Are you aware that the auto club you belong to may offer you excellent hotel discounts?

It will let you save 5% or so on hotels that are around the nation. This can add up on a long trip.

Call the hotel you are planning to stay in and see if they offer any discounts. Many hotels offer discounts for senior citizens, business travelers, military personnel, and government officials. Additionally, if you are a member of an automobile association, you may qualify for a reduced rate on your hotel stay.

Do not assume all hotels allow pets. Some hotels allow pets of any size, some have certain restrictions, and some do not allow pets at all. If you have a pet and book a room at a hotel that has a no pet policy, you will not be allowed to stay there with your furry friend.

If you plan on using any glasses from the hotel minibar

If you plan on using any glasses from the hotel minibar, make sure that you wash them first. Even if they appear to be clean, they may have been wiped with a chemical cleaner. Many housekeeping staff uses the same products that they use to clean windows and mirrors on those glasses.

If you don’t have your heart set on a certain hotel, try using a website like These types of sites let you put in bids and then return a list of hotels in your price range. The only drawback is that they may not reveal which hotel you have booked until after you have committed to staying there.

It is not a good idea to place the “maid service needed” sign on your door at a hotel. This is a dead giveaway that you are not in the room. It can attract people who want to steal your valuables. It is better to notify the desk when you need maid service than to leave out the sign.

If you have a little one with you, remember that hotel rooms aren’t usually set up for babies. Don’t forget to pack a few things so that you can baby proof space. For example, an outlet cover is small but it plays a big role in keeping your child safe.

If Wi-Fi is a very important amenity and you are looking to save a bit of money on your hotel stay, it would be a good idea to stay at someplace that is mid-level. While high-end hotels may be a bit cozier, they usually have a surcharge for Internet use.

Never ask for the minibar to be removed from your hotel room. You may think this is a great way to ensure that you don’t partake of the minibar; however, most hotels charge for this service. Instead, if you may be tempted to drink alcoholic beverages, purchase your favorite beverage at a package store.

Do not let bad hotel accommodations ruin your next vacation. Remember what you have read here and apply what you have learned. You can avoid many common problems associated with hotels if you follow this advice. Do not forget this, and you and your family will have a great hotel experience.

 What are the ins and outs of effective networking?

When it comes to adding value to your business, not all leads are created equal. While all leads are valuable, some leads are more likely to transition from “lead” to something else (like “customer” or “professional collaborator”) than others.

A networking lead.

When you make a personal connection (whether that’s face-to-face or online) with a business contact, you open the door to building a more meaningful business relationship—and those relationships play a huge role in helping you expand your business and take things to the next level.

And, most importantly, how can you build relationships and transform those leads into more opportunities, customers, and revenue for your organization?

The Business Case for Networking

Before you jump into networking, it’s important to have a strategy—and to ensure that strategy is aligned with your ultimate business goals.

For example, if your ultimate goal is to establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry, you would need a different strategy than if you were trying to increase your customer base or build a team to support your new product launch.

There are a few different networking strategies you can use to achieve your business goals, including:


Visibility-driven networking is all about getting your name—and your business—out there and in front of the right people to increase visibility and establish yourself as a leader in your industry. This strategy may include things like speaking at industry events or creating content for well-known outlets in your industry.

Lead generation:

If your main business goal is customer acquisition and lead generation, you’re going to want to build your networking strategy around connecting with as many new customers as possible. This could mean things like setting up a booth at an event that’s likely to draw customers (e.g., if you’re a healthy beverage company, you might set up a booth at a fitness expo) or hosting a Livestream with your social media followers to connect in real-time, forge a personal connection, and answer any questions they have about your products or services.

Team building:

If new employees are what you’re after, you’re going to want to network in a way that helps you connect with top talent in your industry (e.g., if you’re looking to hire software engineers to build a new product, you might consider attending a local hackathon or engineering meetup).

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Kentucky installing more than 18,000 energy-saving lights along roadways

Kentucky has launched a statewide project to replace thousands of roadway lighting fixtures with energy-saving LED lights. The upgrades will reduce the energy consumption of roadway lighting systems by more than 50% and save more than $2.8 million a year in utility and maintenance costs, according to a news release from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.“Modernizing our roadway lights with more efficient and longer-lasting LEDs is a win-win strategy to stretch taxpayer dollars, improve roadway visibility and reduce the number of maintenance-related lane closures,” Kentucky’s Transportation Secretary Jim Gray said Monday in a news release. More than 18,000 lighting fixtures will be replaced with energy-efficient LED lights on some state-maintained roads across Kentucky, officials said. The project includes replacing underground lighting in the Cochrane Tunnel in Jefferson County and the Cumberland Gap Tunnel in Bell County. About 1,500 lighting fixtures at state-owned maintenance garages and parking lots also will be replaced, the release said. The project is expected to be complete by early 2022.

Kentucky has launched a statewide project to replace thousands of roadway lighting fixtures with energy-saving LED lights.

The upgrades will reduce the energy consumption of roadway lighting:

The upgrades will reduce the energy consumption of roadway lighting systems by more than 50% and save more than $2.8 million a year in utility and maintenance costs, according to a news release from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.

“Modernizing our roadway lights with more efficient and longer-lasting LEDs is a win-win strategy to stretch taxpayer dollars, improve roadway visibility and reduce the number of maintenance-related lane closures,” Kentucky’s Transportation Secretary Jim Gray said Monday in a news release.

More than 18,000 lighting fixtures will be replaced with energy-efficient LED Roadway Lighton some state-maintained roads across Kentucky, officials said. The project includes replacing underground lighting in the Cochrane Tunnel in Jefferson County and the Cumberland Gap Tunnel in Bell County.

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About 1,500 lighting fixtures at state-owned maintenance garages and parking lots also will be replaced, the release said.